Dear BlockBusters,

In the month of Thanksgiving, I’m dedicating this issue to the gratitude I feel for being symptom free of Multiple Sclerosis for 21 years. As many of you know, I’ve done this through employing many holistic techniques, and primarily through busting through the emotional and thought blocks that can add fuel to physical symptoms that are lurking in our systems waiting to be activated.

I have recorded a webinar that I’m offering “for free” so that cost cannot be a block to accessing the information. The webinar shares details on 8 of the methods I used to reclaim my health when MS struck. I still use these methods constantly to stay healthy. It’s called, 8 BLOCK BUSTERS FOR MASTERING MS.

This webinar is designed for anyone facing a major health issue as well as other types of challenges in your life. If the topic does not apply to you, please pass it on to a friend or family member who may be in the midst of a health, relationship or life crisis/transition of some kind. Every time I speak, I’d say one-third to one-quarter of my audience members come up to me afterwards and say “I know someone with MS – my sister, my uncle, my best friend has MS. How can I help them? My answer is, help me spread the word by passing the link to this webinar on to your circle of friends. There are things we can do to heal and to help our doctors help us, while science struggles to find a cure. Here is the registration link:

The first article in this issue gives you an abridged version of the 8 BlockBusters included in the hour-long webinar. The second article teaches you how to pay attention to and decipher messages your own body may be trying to send you regarding potential illness or crisis. Blocks in the News, uses Michael Jackson as a tragic example of how EVERYONE ignored the signals Michael was sending.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Please enjoy my gift of the webinar and also let me know what you learned and how you will utilize the information. I treasure your feedback.

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