Here Are 8 Block Busters To Help You Heal

In 1985 I was running a multi-million dollar advertising agency with healthcare clients throughout the United States. Suddenly I found myself numb from the waist down, partially blind and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was told I might spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

There were no medications to prescribe at the time, so I went in search of answers after I dealt with my panic and denial. I’ve been symptom-free since 1990. Here are 8 BlockBusters I know will aid your medical doctors in helping you live healthy with MS or other illness challenges.

Block Buster Number One: Learn from your Emotional Family Tree.

We’re all used to looking at our medical histories when we get sick. How about our emotional histories? What negative thoughts and emotions have you absorbed from others that might be negatively impacting your MS symptoms today?

Block Buster Number Two: Check in with your Inner wisdom/ Inner Child.

Your inner child is your creativity, your muse. Write your inner child and ask him or her – When did she first feel like you feel now as you face your MS diagnosis – scared, fearful, overwhelmed, out of balance, less then… Write a new script, let go of childhood lessons that may be holding you back, embrace what you need to learn.

Block Buster Number Three: Turn anger into action.

I was angry for a year after my diagnosis, until I realized that if I didn’t start dealing with my anger, the anger would increase my stress which would impact my symptoms. So, here’s the plan. You’ve got to FEEL IT , WRITE ABOUT IT, SHOUT IT OUT AND LET IT GO – then take a step forward in your life.

Block Buster Number Four: Find which one of 12 life areas holds your answer:

Work, Money, Love/Spousal Relationships, Friendships, Community, Environment, Family of Origin, Current Family, Parenthood, Play, Health and Spirituality/religion. Now rate these 12-life areas from 1 to 12 – 1 being the most time you spend on an area and 12 being the least. Then take the bottom 3 areas – 10, 11 and 12 and invest “a little” energy into each to bring them to life. You’ll be surprised what answers you find to your diagnosis

Block Buster Number Five: Make Conscious Choices to discover your power in life.

Do you have any idea how many choices you make every day –unconsciously? Whether to snack on celery sticks or ice cream, whether to take action on your diagnosis or numb out in front of the TV and stay in your uncomfortable comfort zone.

Slow down for a moment before each decision and realize you have the power to change. Of course you didn’t choose the MS diagnosis, but every choice you make from here on out can help your prognosis.

Block Buster Number Six: Here’s the 4-step Problem Solver Communication Strategy that will change your life whenever you face a conflict, argument or unsettling information.

  1. Open up – Open your heart to new information and ways of doing things.
  2. Keep your defenses down – Be aware of negative internal voices that keep you stuck in the past.
  3. Listen carefully to what your opponent is saying and make room for new understanding.
  4. Think about your strategy. ALL BEFORE TALKING.

Block Buster Number Seven – Choose Love Over Fear.

Love will be in the answer to the problem you are working on.

With love you create abundance, trust, joy. You have faith in your higher power, you perceive yourself as whole, forgiving, generous, creative. You are safe and there is enough.

With scarcity/FEAR, You feel deprived. You are always competing and losing, you feel attacked, There is not enough of anything in your life. Your behavior is self-defeating.

To release myself from the fear of MS, I had to rediscover passion, play, Persistence and my positive personality – all part of loving myself.

Block Buster number Eight: CONNECTION.

A disease diagnosis certainly disconnects us. It knocks us for a loop and threatens life as we knew it. The sooner we start re-Connecting, however, the sooner we will find answers unique to who we are. CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY Meditate, then ask your body, What do you want me to know? CONNECT WITH PEOPLE. Who do you admire? What helpful qualities do they have that you can emulate? CONNECT TO THE PROMISE OF YOUR SOLVED PROBLEM – THE SOLUTION – living healthy with MS.

There is nothing about my life today that is the same as in the year of my diagnosis thanks to the 6-letter word, CHANGE.

I go into depth on these Block Busters in a new, free webinar for people diagnosed with MS and other dis-eases. Find out more Remember, take one little action every single day to improve the balance of your 12 life areas and feeling better will be your reward.

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