Did A Block Just Bust?


The following is another installment in a series by Cindy Baker Gilbert on searching for jobs in today’s depressed marketplace. This is a real time, real life example illustrating the above feature. Cindy is trying to make a living while trying to save her artistic and creative soul. She finds the time to dream of perhaps the very thing that may turn her life around. She also takes action steps to make the dream a reality and to bust her blocks so she’ll be prepared when the opportunity she’s envisioned finally steps up to embrace her.

After seven hours in the cold warehouse I can only lay on the ground and stare up through the cloudless haze at the black outline of vultures circling. This is hard country. A place that chews up people through minimum wage jobs, securing a cap on their imaginations and dreams of ever being anything other than what they are, if they’re not careful. I wave an arm to let the death birds know I am okay, but they don’t listen. My muscles have reached their failure point. Waiting for my ride home I recall ideas that came out in my writing this morning. Ideas that have nothing to do with our current situation. We have bigger issues right now than to save the world. True. But what came out was:

A new paradigm for living: A way for people to have a good quality of life despite the economic downturn. Maybe based on the UCLA Co-op where I lived when I first came to Los Angeles. Those “student amenity” levels would not do for more mature folks who are used to a better way of living. But something similar. Not a commune. Not a hippie, pot-smoking situation. Everyone has a four-hour weekly work shift, the cost to live there minimal. Maybe one of the work shifts teaches computer skills for the coveted “Powerpoint and Outlook” job market and one teaches trading the stock market in addition to all the maintenance and cooking. A place for people to rehab and regroup. From being laid off, from ripping through their savings, from bad credit that prohibits future prospects of housing. Out of the millions of the unemployed, maybe someone you know.

Then there’s the “Take it or Leave It Art” – Art placed in a public area with a note to “Take it or leave it for others to enjoy.” Maybe silkscreen on canvas. What if you walked down the street and saw a piece of art you liked with that note? Would you take it? Would you leave it? Would it make you think, maybe smile?

All this does nothing for me right now. But I watched the whales on television being saved and then the starving people in Somalia burst into my living room. Yes, there is great need on this planet. But how can I make America a better place? What can I do for humans right here at home?

Maybe all this worry about not enough money to maintain the status quo is for naught. Maybe change on every level is coming. Rather, has come. And all this is the best thing that ever happened to everyone even though we don’t yet understand. This thing that makes us reach within ourselves, bust through our blocks and deliver ideas that inspire and change. Because when perspective changes, the view changes. When the view changes, new opportunities present themselves

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