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The villains are our negative feelings and emotions that are hidden and suppressed. They come out when we least expect them to hold us back from success and fulfillment.

Let me introduce the cast of villains to you. Many of them may seem very familiar in your own life. Feel free to put a face and name to your own villain. Perhaps your villain is a combination of many people and events in your lives. How many of you are familiar with:

The Saboteur who tricks, misleads and confuses you? The Saboteur plants doubts and questions in your mind. You've heard of chain smokers? Well, the saboteurs are chain complainers. And it's all too easy to fall into the cadence of their chain complaints. "I don't want this, I don't like this. Why did you do that? Why me? It's too little, it's too big. I'm too busy...I'm too bored..." The saboteur can become the ultimate terrorist, putting into question all that you stand for. The Saboteur does it insidiously, from the dark, hidden corners of your subconscious where he cannot be caught.
Who knows the Pirate or Bandit? This thief questions your ability to own or be responsible for your ideas and actions. The Pirate/Bandit is always in control. They always have more. You are never enough-- pretty, handsome, rich, smart, talented, clever ENOUGH. There is not enough time, money, solutions, health, love, or enough of anything to go around. The Pirate/Bandits take it all.

Who has had a Killer attack your life? This Killer goes for your essence -- your joy and your self-confidence. This killer leaves you feeling physically present, but emotionally empty.

The Killer like The Mugger attacks your passion.

The Mugger/Rapist makes it not okay to be who you are sexually. The core of your manhood or womanhood is attacked. Your very femininity or masculinity is questioned. You move with uncertainty and find it necessary to hide who you are behind clothes, behavior and volumes full of pretend.

The Monster/Force of Nature/Alien: It's not just in the movies that we find this villain. This is a force or circumstance that seems beyond your control. Fires, storms, natural disasters, unnatural disasters such as September 11, 2001, diseases with no cure. SOMETHING is always bigger than you, beyond your control leaving you feeling like a helpless, hopeless victim. What or who represents the monster in your life?

Who doesn't have a Lost Love Villain in their lives? This is the love that finally blocked your ability to love again, replacing love with an immovable, impenetrable blob of FEAR. The Lost Love Villain turns the walls around your heart into a heavy brick wall. You are trapped in a prison and the jailer is FEAR.

Finally, there are some of us who prefer to remain under the control of:

The Villain Sorceress. The Sorceress traps you in a fantasy world of "What if's" and "If Only's." If blank happens, then I'll be happy. If an outside source rescues me, then I'll be saved. If my Prince comes, then I'll live happily ever after. It's pretty hard to get to the point in conversation, or to your goal in life if you're constantly waiting for the right combination and alignment of "If's" to come along. You'll find more information on the Villains and what to do about them under Educational Materials where you will find the MOVE FROM BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER manual.

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