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"The plan you helped me put together from experience, insight and a wide variety of sources is working.  My professional and personal selves are now on the same team so I am finally having fun AND making a profit at the same time.  I'd call that life-changing!  Thanks again!"
Jens Köhler, Jens Köhler Consulting

"You coached us through a 120-day project to launch our internet marketing that has been spectacularly successful on every level.  We have moved from Blocked to Blockbuster thanks to you."
Alycia Schlesinger
Manhattan West

"Judith is a truly gifted speaker. She is not only very entertaining, but extremely enlightening. I recommend her for any group or agency seeking a top-notch speaker with a talent to motivate, educate and communicate with people from all walks of life."
Pat Hemingway, M.P.H.
Ingham Regional Healthcare Foundation

"Thanks for being so alive, so passionate, so caring! We learned and most importantly were inspired." Dee Tucker Brentwood Singles
Dee Tucker
Brentwood Singles

"Judith's work allows you to look behind the scenes of your existence, to observe where you came from, to see where you are now and what you can do to modify what is yet to come -- a truly enlightening experience. Both morale and productivity were improved." Sandra Burman Burman Industries
Sandra Burman
Burman Industries

"Your insights in dealing with the ups and downs of life help us to fashion our lives for better things."
Joe Eisaman
Eisaman, Johns and Law Advertising, Inc.

"I have two words for you -- class act! You help us all see the complete package of life."
Chuck Moore
Villa Park Water Board

"Judith has synthesized insights and techniques to help us live more fully and joyfully."
Jason Elias, Author, MA, MTh

Your remarkable "Business Plan For Healing" Program was spectacular and inspirational. It was a perfect fit for our series, as it helped our participants shape their transitions in life more effectively.
Nancy Malone & Margot Winchester
Women In Film Foundation

"Your participation at the Hadassah Women's Enrichment Conference, ' Discovering the Heart of Your Soul' was a great success. Your clear plan for "The art of your Life...What Is and What can Be' left everyone informed yet eager for more."
Kelly Angaard

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