Here What People Are Saying . .


Judith’sMaster Challenges program is amazing.  After my diagnosis of MS, shetaught me how to bust through the things that were blocking me from health andhappiness so I could find balance, my career passion and healing. I listen to the CDs over and overand work with her one-on-one because she is helpful no matter what phase ofyour life you are in.I have referred many people to Judith and they are all successfully Mastering Challenges.
~Megan Evans, Professional Organizer

“Inviting Judith Parker Harris to speak at a CAI meeting was a bit of an experiment, as we knew she would be a unique presenter with content totally unexpected by our members. I’m happy to say it was a successful gamble as she surprised many and entertained and informed all. Most attendees, including 43 managers, found the program entertaining and interactive. Everyone thought the speaker, Judith Parker Harris, was great as she earned a 9.3 rating out of 10. Some specific comments include: “Great tools to work out issues both on and off the job;” “Loved the 7 villains and how they make setting intentions and embracing change accessible — even fun;” “Extremely helpful in learning how to go forward and overcome self-doubt;” “Great to balance specific management subjects with personal growth and improvement;” “Upbeat, positive, amazing;” “I appreciated the program– very helpful in everyday life”; “It was awesome and the interactive nature was really cool;” One manager spoke for many when he wrote, she is one of the best speakers I have listened to at a CAI meeting.” We are looking to bring her back, and I highly recommend her to other Associations, Businesses and groups.”

Joan Urbaniak, Executive Director
Community Associations Institute, Greater Los Angeles Area (CAI-GLAC)

“Judith is a truly gifted speaker. She is not only very entertaining, but extremely enlightening. I recommend her for any group or agency seeking a top-notch speaker with a talent to motivate, educate and communicate with people from all walks of life.”

~ Pat Hemingway, M.P.H.
Ingham Regional Healthcare Foundation

“With this insightful, transformative process, Judith Parker Harris empowers you to find the movie in your life and use it to overcome the most challenging obstacles you face and achieve whatever you desire.”

~Michael Hauge ~ Story Consultant and Author

“The response to Blocked to Blockbuster has been overwhelming. The Concepts are pertinent, timely and productive.
~Ann Hastings ~ Toastmasters District One

“Thank you for your presentation!!! The whole Holocaust had such a hold over me. You made me realize why it is s hard for me to reconcile because its not my story. I was at the effect of the Holocaust, which shaped my story. Therefore, my story is not my fathers story. I am grateful for being able to break the chain of madness and co-dependence. I will not pass it on to another generation.”

~Hans Norden ~ Consultant, author & Speaker

“I can’t tell you how much gratitude I have towards you and your Program.  You literally are a Godsend.  I have never felt so much emotion and no matter what emotion I’ve felt, I’ve loved it!  Even as I write this I’m full of emotion and the joy of experiencing the growth of my soul.  I never realized I had so many chains around my heart.  Again, thank you for being you and your wonderful Program.  It’s the best.”
~Lori Donahoo ~ Real Estate Executive

“I felt the Program helped me look at areas of my life that I may not have thought were influenced my mental attitude toward writing.  New doorways were opened in my life.”
~Mary Helen Smail ~ Actress/Cookbook author

After the Program I feel empowered to make changes in my life.  Previous to the Program, I felt that I couldn’t do anything to help myself — that life was as good as it was going to get.  Now it is and is getting so much better!”
~Sari Katz ~ Association Executive

“The Health-Esteem workshop helped me identify and break down many of the barriers around my heart so that I was more receptive and trusting of love.  Thanks to the powerful tools I was introduced to, I have been able to make significant changes in my life, including a relationship with a wonderful man.”
Rhonda Bryant ~ Owner/Bryant & Associates

“The Health-Esteem Program enabled me to move beyond old patterns of feeling sorry for myself.  It gave me new tools to utilize in the excavation of myself.  I am now learning to embrace the child in me and to celebrate the woman, too”.
~Melissa A. Nickert ~ Actress/Architect

“I learned to stop worrying about other people’s perceptions of me and my pain (from fibromyalgia).  I am happy to say I have worked through this.  I continue to work and use the tools to deal emotionally with my physical pain.  I am very moved by your passion, sensitivity and commitment towards people living with challenges — both physical and emotional.  I thank you dearly for the class.”
~Monica Suyo ~ Artist

“Judith Parker Harris’s Health-esteem program is a wonderful self-exploration into consciousness that she helps you personalize according to your own needs and goals. I found the experience creative, revealing and life-changing.”
~Dr. Ava Cadell ~ Love & Relationship Specialist.