Turning Points – Script Your Life to Heal

Target And Change What Is Holding You Back
(Based upon methods from Judith’s popular book
  1. Move from Pain to Power and Think like a Champion
  2. Liberate the Truth in Your Heart to Balance the Roles in Your Life.
  3. Discover ways to Handle Anxiety and Fear in Stressful Situations
  4. Learn Immediate Problem Solving Techniques
  5. Create a Business Plan to get on with Creativity and Progress In Your Life.
  6. Look at Your Life as a Movie and overcome your back story by using turning points as healing points.
  7. Start Your Life Anew on the “C” Path with Choice, Change, Creativity and Commitment.
  8. This highly interactive program will help participants understand what motivates them. They will discover what drives them and which emotions fuel their thoughts. They will replace thinking and feeling patterns that no longer serve them with more effective ones. New ways of thinking, acting and interacting with others will be explored.
Who would Be interested:

Adults 25 plus, particularly baby boomers facing major life transitions. Anyone interested in finding new ways to cope, change and create new life possibilities.

What participants will gain from the seminar:

The knowledge that they can handle anything by taking control of the one part of healing they can take charge of, their thoughts and emotions. The power to be creatively fearless and unleash hidden brilliance, beauty and potential. The power to make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

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