What Lies Beneath the Thoughts You Speak?

Conflict Management for Leaders

Subjects covered:

Judith Parker Harris uses movie analogies and her personal experience of becoming
and remaining symptom free from Multiple Sclerosis since 1990 to illustrate how to
target and change what’s holding you back. Introduction of The “C” Path. a 4-step
creative process to navigate change helps participants move from BLOCKED TO BLOCKBUSTER. You will learn:

  • How To Find Your Intention and the Motivation to Make it Happen.
  • Movie Magic that Moves you from Victim to Hero
  • 7 Success-Destroying Villains and How to Avoid Them
  • The 4-Step “C Process” To Solve Any Problem
  • How to Create and Prosper with Team-Esteem
  • The Secret to Busting Every Block in Your Path

Each participant will define both a business and a life intention and then answer
what they think is blocking them from full achievement of those intentions. They will
then learn how to target and eliminate the story (thoughts and emotions) that’s
blocking them, They will use the “C” Path process to create a strategic plan to
fulfill their intentions and then look at their achievements 1 year and 5 years from now.
In so doing, they will have written an outline to follow immediately, and will have a better way
of understanding and communicating intentions and outcomes.

Learning objectives:
  • Beliefs will be identified and eliminated that can restrict professional and personal growth.
  • Mechanical thinking and cultural conditioning will be replaced with a problem-solving method based on story development.
  • Decisions and choices will be made to direct careers and lives with a clear vision toward BLOCKBUSTER success.
  • Strategic plans will be developed that can be used for projects, sales, customer service, or whatever objectives we define as important to your business.

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