Profit by Moving From Blocked to BLOCKBUSTER

Judith Parker Harris uses movie analogies and her personal experience of becoming and remaining symptom free from Multiple Sclerosis since 1990 to illustrate how to use turning points in life as powerful change agents.

This intensive workshop looks at wealth vs. poverty thinking and scarcity/abundance issues within the organization as a whole, management, project teams, departments to clear the pathway for unlimited opportunities and increased profit.

Learning objectives include:
  • You will identify and eliminate beliefs that limit and restrict personal and professional growth.
  • You will be free of mechanical thinking and cultural conditioning, at least that which allows other people to put limitations on your life.
  • You will make better decisions and choices that reflect what YOU REALLY want to do.
  • A 4-step creative process will be introduced to teach participants how to navigate change

Step I: Change the script of your life
The script of your life includes the rules and the roles that you use to define your decisions and actions.

Step 2: Confront and Conquer the Villains in your Life
We all have a villain in our lives, sometimes more than one. They come in identifiable roles.

  • The saboteur plants doubts and questions about your very essence.
  • The Bandit steals your ability to own or be responsible for your ideas and actions.The mugger makes it not ok to be who you are sexually.
  • The killer murders your joy and self-confidence.
  • The monster confronts you with forces beyond your control.
  • The Lost Love makes you question your ability to ever love again.
  • The Sorceress traps you in a fantasy world of”What ifs,” “If onlys,” and “Happily every after ‘ifs.’”

Call forth your own motivation rather than reacting to others’ expectations of you.

Step 4: Create a multi-leveled life plot.
A multi-level plot is a full life. A full life successfully blends the 12 life areas that will be introduced. Benefits of this presentation include gaining the power to:

  • Heal old and new wounds in a tough life and business.
  • Handle anxiety and fear in stressful situations.
  • Replace self-doubt with self-confidence.
  • Make lasting, positive change in your world.
  • Get what you want out of conversations, presentations and all interactions personally and professionally.

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