Confront and Conquer the Villains

This in-depth workshop utilizes speedwriting, role-playing and problem-solving interactions to find the villains that are plaguing you individually and as an organization. Once they are identified, they are confronted and disarmed and the path is cleared for productivity, growth and profit.

Confront and Conquer the Villains in your Life
We all have a villain in our lives, sometimes more than one. They come in identifiable roles.
  • The saboteur plants doubts and questions about your very essence.
  • The Bandit steals your ability to own or be responsible for your ideas and actions.The mugger makes it not ok to be who you are sexually.
  • The killer murders your joy and self-confidence.
  • The monster confronts you with forces beyond your control.
  • The Lost Love makes you question your ability to ever love again.
  • The Sorceress traps you in a fantasy world of”What ifs,” “If onlys,” and “Happily every after ‘ifs.”

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