Finding the Heroes and Villains in Your Life


In a 5-part series entitled, Finding the Heroes and Villains in Your Life, Cultural BlockBusters, Dr. Jo Ann Piña and Judith Parker Harris, introduce you to five more communication and success-defying villains, as well as heroic methods to render them powerless in your life. Villains are our negative thoughts and emotions that are hidden and suppressed. They come out when we least expect them to, and hold us back from success and fulfillment financially, in business, in health, in relationships and in every other part of our lives. In addition to finding your own villains, you¹ll see how various businesses have solved their villain complications as well as where the villains are hanging out and creating mischief in the current events that keep us talking.

Part 4:  [audio:]

Part 4a:  [audio:]

Part 5:  [audio:]

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