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Judith Parker Harris interviews Chad Gervich

Chad Gervich joins BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESS TALK for a 3-part series entitled, Breaking In and Breaking Through the TV Business. Chad is a television producer, published author and award-winning playwright. His credits include Style Network’s Foody Call, Fox Reality Channel’s Reality Binge and for the Weinstein Company, Spellbound: The Witches of Orange County. Chad has worked in development at NBC Studios, Sony and Twentieth Century Fox. His writing appears in Daily Variety, Writer’s Digest and Orange Coast and his new book is entitled Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business. They will discuss: How to break through the Blocks in the TV Business, Myth vs. Reality regarding the Hollywood rumor machine; The Business of TV; The most common mistakes aspiring TV writers make; How to deal with notes and criticism and how to find one’s unique voice as an artist.While the focus is television, the advice cuts through every industry to every person who has ever dreamed of expressing and creating their own vision.


Part 1: [audio:http://blockedtoblockbuster.com/blog/audios/ChadGervichBreakingThroughTV-1.mp3]

Part 2: [audio:http://blockedtoblockbuster.com/blog/audios/ChadGervichBreakingThroughTV-2.mp3]

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  1. DJG says:

    It’s sure good to hear that it isn’t all 30-year-olds running the place out there.

    Those were two fascinating interviews. …can’t wait to hear the 3rd.

  2. JaneRadriges says:

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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