Breakthrough Success Talk – Episode 21 & 22: Business Attitude Makeover


Judith Parker Harris and Dr. Jo Ann Piña devote two episodes to giving you a BUSINESS ATTITUDE MAKEOVER. Part One gives you ways to be Creative in building your business. You’ll explore ways to grow a thriving business, social networking, career relationships, new lessons from prior experiences, out-of-the-box financial opportunities and more. Part Two of the Business Attitude Makeover concentrates on ATTITUDE, and is titled, “You’ve Got to Feel It to Heal It.” Get ready to look at fear. procrastination, anger, frustration, self-esteem, motivation, passion, joy and trust. We’ll discuss how to manage perceptions and communicate feelings in order to influence and persuade.

Part 1: Creative in building your business


Part 2: You’ve Got to Feel It to Heal It.


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