Master Challenges in Your Life Home Study Courses

Finally, I came up with a way for anyone, anywhere to benefit from the course I’ve been teaching in person for eight years. When I decided to record the whole Program, (eight, 1-hour lessons), I was thrilled to add case studies and write a new workbook, MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE.

Voila! My Home Study Course was born, and at a price so reasonable, you really can’t afford not to have it.

I’m with you all the time. Just pop in one of the CDs and be reminded of exactly what you need to do.
This problem-solving home study course is yours for only $295.00.

ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE – You will use THE MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE HOME STUDY PROGRAM over and over again in your life whenever you face a challenge, problem, obstacle, new opportunity – whenever you need to grow, change or expand your life – MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE will be there for you like a best friend, to help you get results every time.

“Keren and I want to thank you for sharing your outstanding course with us. We enjoyed the CD/workbook combination. The material is clear, it is actually fun, practical, manageable, and fantastic for couples, too. It helped us each understand our personal struggles and gave us ways of empowering ourselves and uplifting each other. We appreciate the fact that this course takes a lot of work. There are no shortcuts. We are inspired to continue to invest the energy into the priorities that we have rediscovered.”

Keren and Jacques Henri Taylor,
RTSM, MATT Neuromuscular and Biomechanics Restoration

cost $295