As I sit before clients who are searching desperately for either their first move or the next move on their career path, I’m constantly reminded that everything you’ve done in your life matters and may have a surprising answer for you.

I started out wanting to be a teacher.  Most of us girls started that way in the ‘50s.  But falling in love with Annette on the Mickey Mouse Club soon changed my aspirations to dancer, entertainer.  My first job was as a hostess at the Sizzler Restaurant – skill set necessary: friendliness.  Next came waitress at the Charlemont Cafe – skill set: determination, hard work, absolute certainty that this would pay for my college education.  Next job PBS hostess for fund raising nights – skill set: Great voice and sincere personality for TV. This led to my selection as a documentary producer and my receipt of a grant which helped with my college education.

Next job after graduation from college, Sacramento Board of Realtors Public Relations Director – Skill set: writing and people skills. Next job – receptionist at advertising agency – Skill set: Quick wit and a bit of creative gambling as I took down information from new client calls and presented the message with a complete proposal to my boss the next day. This led to my moving up to Vice President of TV production within 3 months.

One year later, a local TV station offered me double the salary to produce commercials for Sears. 3,000 commercials later, after starting my own production company to produce national commercials, I had a new skill set: complete knowledge of production & how to run a small business.

7 years later I was encouraged to move up and out of the market.  I moved to LA and took a job for a Production company that soon morphed into an advertising agency all my own.  My agency’s Specialization in the Healthcare industry came in handy when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I knew western medicine was not my only answer.  As I healed due to complementary approaches my career changed again, and here is where the dots connected.  Follow the italicized words.

With what I learned from my own healing and years of research, I decided to write a book and teach others how to navigate difficult transitions in their lives, find what’s blocking them and bust through to find their real purpose.  My determination, hard work and certainty that MS happened to me so I could help others, gave me courage to start a new business.

My trained voice & sincerity made it easy for me to produce my first products – audiotapes. My writing skills led to books and home study courses on CD.  My quick wit and ability to creatively gamble and morph bad news into unforeseen opportunity led to a great speaking reputation and my brand, BLOCKED TO BLOCKBUSTER.

My knowledge of production and how to run a small business helped me grow the product end of my business.  And, my years of advertising Healthcare chains, products and services opened my eyes to what Western medicine can and can’t do, thus making me willing to explore alternative options.  It also made me better able to help others combine Western medical and Eastern healing concepts as I had to do.

To bring this full circle, I started out wanting to be a teacher, and now I am one, thanks to a life full of experiences that led me to my purpose.  Now it’s your turn.  From childhood through today, what do the dots on your career path tell you?  Often we find it’s the oddest jobs, the most shocking experiences and the quirkiest aspirations that lead to the most satisfying occupations.  Leave your comments and let me know where your dots lead you.

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