Attitude Determines Altitude


What are you struggling with that you just can’t get off the ground? Is it your health, your finances, a relationship, your purpose in life? Three little words will lift you out of the struggle and deposit answers in your lap – ATTITUDE DETERMINES ALTITUDE.

In short, you can’t fly until your attitude reflects where you are going or who or what you want to attract in your life. Recently, I was running out of patience with my husband’s lack of hearing. With each repetition of the same sentence, my voice would grow in volume and anger. Our communication was grounded.

What did I do? I changed my attitude. I swallowed my lack of patience and responded with kindness and love every single time. I leaned in closer to him, I made eye contact, I changed my wording, I caressed him rather than glaring at him. Surprise, he started to hear me with fewer repetitions and rewarded me with his own change of attitude.

In the beauty salon this morning, my hairdresser (also the salon owner) was complaining about the immaturity and outright rudeness of his co-workers. I shared my 3 little words, and I could see him start to soar. He decided to raise the attitude bar by setting the example he wanted others to mirror. Immediately, the atmosphere in the shop changed. He had been sinking to their level rather than giving them the opportunity to rise to the desired level of their shared business attitude and atmosphere.

My bookkeeper is going on a 5-day silence retreat in a Monastery. She’s worried because her friends and family think she’s crazy and destined to fail. I shared ATTITUDE DETERMINES ALTITUDE with her along with a reminder that their perceptions are not her truth. I also asked her to predetermine her success by focusing on the outcome she wants and opening her heart to wonderful outcomes she may never have imagined.

Here it is, 3 BLOCKBUSTER steps to achieve 3 little words, ATTITUDE DETERMINES ALTITUDE:

  1. LISTEN inward for an old attitude that is keeping you grounded from accomplishing an important current goal.
  2. OPEN YOUR HEART to a new behavior and attitude that will help you lift off to success. (This is often the opposite of what is keeping you blocked)
  3. FOCUS on the outcome you want from your attitude makeover and say good-bye to old behavior, habits and routines that keep you stuck in the old attitude. 

By the way, these 3 little words came to me “uncredited” from a motivational speaker group I belong to on Linked In. We were all asked to share our favorite motivational quotes. Mine was, “Wake up with joy in your heart for what the day may bring,” a quote from my ever-optimistic husband. He and his quote are definitely part of the reason my altitude stays high when I’m conscious of fueling it with my desired attitudes.

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