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BLOCKED to Blockbuster MANUAL
Are you still feeling stuck and having trouble making a decision that can make Change-for Success as much a part of your life as breathing? Then I have the perfect Manual for you. It's the Move from Blocked to Blockbuster Manual.

Re-program your heart drive
This manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fix your life-much like scripting a Blockbuster movie. We all know that we have parts of our personality that get in our way - the back-story. Just as we are about to achieve something (heroic), those bothersome parts show up and sabotage us (the villains). You have manuals for every piece of electronic equipment you own. This is the manual you must have to re-program your heart drive to make more money, to achieve success in business, to enjoy more fulfilling relationships, to improve your life...Name your goal and achieve it with the help of this manual.

With this insightful, transformative book, Judith Parker Harris empowers you to find the movie in your life and use it to overcome the most challenging obstacles you face and achieve whatever you desire.

Michael Hauge, Story consultant and author of Writing Screenplays That Sell

This is the book where the movie producer part of me stepped up to the plate and joined the author, speaker and coach. If you love movies, you'll love creating your own Blockbuster.


You have an intention to get what you want out of life. The question is what is the obstacle that is blocking you from getting what you want? You can be blocked personally, or in a relationship or blocked as an organization or a business.

In this manual, you are the central character, the hero of your own life story. You are going to look at the movie in your life, so you can find and eliminate the hidden blocks or villains in your life in order to accomplish what you desire.

The reason to look at your life as a movie is to learn from the craft of making great stories work. Rather than have your life be a series of events over which you have no control, (sounds like a victim to me) you can decide today to become the writer of your own life and direct the outcome. (That would be heroic)

Judith is a catalyst for growth and change.  She has found a way for each of us to use the strategies of writing great movies to create a smashing life.

Linda Seger, Script consultant and author of Making a Good Script Great

This manual is divided into four major sections relating to each step in the process of moving from blocked to Blockbuster.

  • Change the Script of your life, or any part of the script that is not working for you. The script of your life is all of the rules and the roles that you adopt to define your decisions and actions in life.
  • Confront and conquer the villains. We discuss villains in this manual. It's important to name your own villain/nemesis/ opponent, because the villain energy represents your own inner conflict and inner journey.
  • Call forth your motivation or intention. In order to get what you want, you must know what it is and focus on that intention.
  • Create a multi-level plot or more balanced life. Every good story has sub-plots and resolutions. Many great movie heroes start out with very limited lives, and must grow and embrace the rest of life before they can overcome their obstacles.

You will use this manual repeatedly whenever you are stuck with a decision or find yourself blocked. Read this manual thinking of a situation in which you are blocked. You will move to Blockbuster by the time you are finished with the last page.

The response to Blocked to Block-Buster has been overwhelming.  The concepts are pertinent, timely and provocative.

Ann Hastings, Toastmasters District One

Every time you use this manual, no matter what the turning point is that you are facing, ask these questions:

  • What is my intention?
  • What do I want?
  • And, what is my biggest obstacle? What is keeping me from getting what I want?

Over time you may see a pattern emerge in terms of the obstacles facing you. When you set out to change the script of your life, it is important to find these obstacle patterns. You don't want your life to be a series of cliches. With this manual you will never again give in too soon, settle for less or be a victim in life.

You'll see that moving from Blocked to Blockbuster can be easier than you think and fun. Take the Hero's Journey with the Blocked to Blockbuster manual. Dealing with your villains for once and for all is GOLDEN, but this manual includes REAL GOLD -- $600.00 worth of coupons for Blocked to Blockbuster coaching and products.

BLOCKED to Blockbuster MANUAL
All for only $129.00

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