Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem



The first tool that you’ll want to put to work for you is CONQUER CRISIS WITH HEALTH-ESTEEM. This book/ workbook is available for $19.95 and is ideal to help you shovel out the garbage in your life so you can get through any crisis; health, relationship, work, loss, financial and more. It’s like a fast for your spirit or a spring-cleaning of your mind – it’s going to clean you out so you are ready for the opportunities in your life.


The difference in this book from any other is that it will help you find your truth. Answers that seemed out of your reach will come to you one question and one connection at a time. The book helps you:


  • Face Your Fear
  • Find and Release Anger
  • Discover and Claim Your Power
  • Realize Choices and Opportunities Around You
  • Know that You Can Handle Anything
  • Do What You Need to Do


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