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Getting what you want boils down to knowing what you want and being able to communicate it effectively without obstacles.  It has taken me years to develop the MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE process, including years of having and then recuperating from Multiple Sclerosis. I then took the process and for 15 years I’ve been sharing it with private and corporate clients who have achieved great results in a myriad of different areas.

Over the years the process became an 8-week program that, taught in person, has helped thousands of people and companies Bust through Blocks to achieve super success. This Program takes people completely through transitions in their lives – transitions of any kind – business, personal, or health. Now, I have recorded the entire 8-week Program on cassette and CD with a fully illustrated workbook – which means, you get the same access to my Blockbusters that my clients have been getting for 15 years, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

I have very carefully divided this into 8 one-hour lessons with a section of the workbook for each lesson and homework to be completed before you go on to the next lesson.  This is a time-tested curriculum and training process that cuts through the emotional blockage of your life challenge or diagnosis and gets you on the road to healing and positive change.

And since this process all began with my popular problem solving book CONQUER CRISIS WITH HEALTH-ESTEEM, I’m making it part of the Home Study Course.  You’ll find it to be the definitive workbook on helping you through a crisis or transition in your life. 

While I recommend a pace for you to study, you can find your own comfort level as the exercises are extensive and thought and feeling provoking.  The cumulative effect of the lessons is for you to go deep and find the answers that have been alluding you.   

And, you always have the option of adding a little personal coaching from me, if you so desire. I am always just an email or phone call away (310) 858-1272

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