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Is there something in your business or organization that if not arrested or destroyed could threaten to envelope your hopes and dreams?


Everybody in a business culture has a story. Employees, managers, customers, vendors, all have stories, and some may be working against you instead of for you.

Stories can keep co-workers from forming a team, managers from communicating to their staff, departments from working toward the same goal, divisions from pulling in the same direction, and individuals cut off from the very corporate culture they are expected to espouse.

In a BlockBuster workshop or seminar you will learn:

• The ONE thing you must understand and use to have personal or professional success

• The 4 “must-have” building blocks required for success in life

• How to make the RIGHT decisions – every time

• How to work smarter and less to get more done

• How to attract what you want in life like a magnet.

• Proven strategies for problem solving that are guaranteed to de-stress your environment.

• Secrets you need to be persuasively in control.


How to Re-inspire, Re-invent and Re-create a Healthy Business Culture.

In this hilarious workshop, Judith explores every form of discrimination through personal and professional experiences, leaving no stone unturned and no audience member un-touched. By looking at themselves from the inside out and the outside in, every participant walks away with a few less filters and a lot more understanding about how to CONNECT and influence to create a blockbuster life.


Who are Your Company’s Heroes, Stars, Bit Players and Villains?

Before this workshop starts, every audience member will have chosen a movie that best describes their feelngs about where they stand professionally.  As 7 corporate villains are revealed, everyone will immediately know why they picked the movie they did.  The path from victim to hero will be revealed and everyone will be clamoring to get on it.  You will discover how to change the movie of y our business and career to a blockbuster one.

Confront and Conquer the 7 Corporate Villains: Victim or Hero?  You Make the Choice!

This in-depth workshop utilizes speedwriting, role-playing, movie analogies and problem-solving interactions to find the villains that are plaguing you individually and as an organization. Once they are identified, they are confronted and disarmed and the path is cleared for productivity, growth and profit.  Individuals can choose to work on two tracks and identify personal as well as business villains.


What Lies Beneath the Thoughts In Your Company?

In this training, co-workers, management teams and entire departments will learn how to target and change what is holding them back.  We will look at intentions – both internal and external and determine where the conflicts are and how they can be resolved. Introduction of the 4-step “C Process” to solve any problem will help create Team Esteem while busting through every block in your company’s path.  The session will conclude with the development of 1-year and 5-year strategic plans that can be used for projects, sales, customer service, or any other objectives we have defined as important to your business.

Here What People Are Saying . . 


“Thank you for your presentation!!! The whole Holocaust had such a hold over me. You made me realize why it is s hard for me to reconcile because its not my story. I was at the effect of the Holocaust, which shaped my store. Therefore, my story is not my fathers story. I am grateful for being able to break the chain of madness and co-dependence. I will not pass it on to another generation.”
~Hans Norden ~ Consultant, author & Speaker 

“My project for the “Blocked to Blockbuster” program related to my business. It was a marketing project. My work with Judith was a rich interplay between the personal and professional aspects of this project. One illuminated the other as we moved back and forth between the two. It was as if it was a tapestry we were weaving — and sometimes unweaving as we took out distorted stitches. Judith was an insightful and sensitive guide throughout this processs. Beyond this, her marketing expertise was invaluable in helping me analyze and take action on some very important marketing deciions. I highly recommend Judith whatever project you decide is most important to you. The personal and the professional really cannot e separated. Judith helps you navigate this often tricky terrain to remove the blocks that hold you back from what you most desire.”
~Susan Mitchell ~ Weight Loss Franchise Owner

“With this insightful, transformative process, Judith Parker Harris empowers you to find the movie in your life and use it to overcome the most challenging obstacles you face and achieve whatever you desire.”
~Michael Hauge ~ Story Consultant and Author

“Judith is a catalyst for growth and change. She has found a way for each of us to use the strategies of writing great movies to create a smashing life.” 
~Linda Seger ~ Script consultant and Author

“The response to Blocked to Blockbuster has been overwhelming. The Concepts are pertinent, timely and productive.
~Ann Hastings ~ Toastmasters District One 

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