Coaching/ Mentoring

All you have to do is have a goal, and a thought or two about why you haven’t achieved it yet to begin.  We’ll go from there.  I’ll teach you a problem solving process you’ll use the rest of our life as you solve the biggest challenge you are facing currently. Sure, we’ll deal with your villains, but most of all, we’ll make you confident in the knowledge that no matter what happens, YOU CAN HANDLE IT!  Here are just a few of the coaching program to explore.


In 8 private coaching sessions over 4 months. (Less time if you’re a workaholic) We develop a personal strategic plan for your life or project and focus assignments to help you creatively move your project forward. I’m there to keep you focused and accountable and to give you every bit of information you need to succeed.  I’m a business woman and a film producer, so there are very clear assignments, homework and expectations, and excuses simply are not acceptable.  We’re talking CHANGE and NOW.  The program includes


If your business or group is stuck and in need of an Attitude and Achievement Makeover, I have a coaching program for you.  First I transport all participants to the Land of Creativity where there is no criticism, guilt or blame.  Instead we look at the stories behind which everyone is hiding.  We look at the villains that deplete talent, energy and efficiency and we determine how each and every person can become heroic in their own movies.


Looking for a quick and effective way to jump start some serious change in your life?  What you need to do is free up your talent  and potential both of which are being hidden by a villain or two.  Learn how to make the right decisions every time and eliminate all the excuses, disappointments, and negative programming that have been holding you back in life.


Sometimes learning something new in the comfort of your own home is exactly the thing to do. MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE is designed to get you through life’s ups and downs successfully. During 8 individual lessons recorded on CDs, I’ll guide you like a best friend through the transitions in your life whether they are business, personal, health, financial or affairs of the heart.  Most of my clients tell me that they listen to the CDs over and over again and learn something new each time.  The workbook helps you keep track of your homework and the “project” you have selected.

This is a course you’ll keep by your side forever more

Bonus:  As you find and change old habits, patterns and routines, you’ll  replace them with new success strategies.

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