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On Tuesday, August 23rd a 5.8 earthquake hit Washington DC, also shaking up New York and several Eastern states. In truth, it shook the nation, because it’s not supposed to happen there – only once every 100 years or so, say the experts. But, why now?

“Whether you realize it or not,” says psychology expert, Art Markman Ph.D., “when the rocks beneath our feet become unstable, then it shakes us both mentally and physically.”

Why? I ask. Because the earth is our foundation.

We depend on gravity. The earth is not supposed to shake it’s supposed to hold us, keep us from falling, provide stability. What else is supposed to do that?

Perhaps our government, which is now torn down the middle in hopeless bipartisan bickering which keeps us from making life & country saving actions? Could it be our relationships that seem to grow more wobbly by the day? Or perhaps common sense that no one seems to obey thus shaking our trust levels? Maybe all of those experts on everything we need to know, but who now are so ubiquitous and numerous, they have all but lost their value. Perhaps peace could offer us stability? But where do we find it with wars, arguments, yelling and anger meeting us at every turn? Surely leaders will break our fall, but where are they? Every one and thing seems to be in a free fall including our teachers, preachers, pundits and peers.

So, when we’re feeling all shook up, what are we to do in order to find our foundation? We must each anchor to our truth. For a moment, think of your life as a house. What is your house made up of? Conversations. There are basically three types of conversations: those you have with yourself, those you have with other people and those they have about you when you leave the room.

In order for our lives to grow in stability, we must expand our conversations and open our hearts to new ways of thinking. Sometimes our very foundation keeps us from building a bigger house because it is built on a story full of somebody else’s truths – perceptions, disappointments, false prejudices, negative lessons that we absorbed as children as part of our story. The proverbial question is “How’s that been working for you?” For many, “Not so good.”

I urge you to do a little fact check, find your truth and return to your core, where you will once again find stability.

  • What is your mission in life?
  • How is the world a better place because you are in it?
  • What will you be remembered for?
  • What are your core values?
  • Who are the people you admire and how can you bring the qualities they represent into your own life?
  • What are some actions you can take to heal your self, someone else or something in your life?
  • Can you replace judgment, criticism and blame with receptivity, understanding, growth and self-responsibility?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What would you like to change in your life?
  • What are 3 baby steps you can take today to make any of the above happen?

Connect to your core and you may find yourself standing tall the next time your world shakes.

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