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If we needed a reminder that the world is a global village, it was shaken into us on March 11, 2011 when a 9.0 horrific earthquake hit Japan. We watched, and felt hopeless at the lack of our ability to help as Japan, best prepared, technologically to handle such a disaster, crumbled in the grip of nature’s force. We counted down the hours, only eight, until the tsunami hit California’s coastline. We could not look away from a “real” reality show that impacts us all.

We also could not help but ask, “What if it was me?” And the answer is – in a way it is you, we are all in it together and we are all one. Damage to oil refineries is impacting recession recovery in the United States. Lessons learned from this Huge Pacific Disaster will be grabbed up and utilized by everyone in an Earthquake zone. Damage to Japan’s nuclear power plants is causing worldwide scrutiny regarding the safety of nuclear power. Business being done with Japan is slowing down as we change focus to help the victims survive. On a micro-level, my husband and I are doing business in Japan relating to his movie library. We quickly sat down and sent an email to our new “friends,” to make sure they were safe. They are safe, but not without personal loss.

Strangers held each other on the streets of Tokyo. In my yoga class we focused our meditation on the survivors and the victims.

What if it was me? It is you, and it is me. We have no idea what nature will do next. One thing we can be sure of, however, the best way to handle whatever comes along is to help each other and to have a plan. We spend way too much of our lifetimes pitting ourselves against each other and finding reasons to be “us” vs. “them, when really we are the same. We vilify each other. When faced with true life and death danger, a monster beyond our imaginations, we do the same things. We run for safety, for shelter, for help. We bleed the same. We need food and water, we need a structure to keep us safe from the elements, and we need human contact and care. The manmade disasters throughout the world – all of the wars – do we need to manufacture those when there are so many natural disasters to overcome and so many reasons to unite and help each other survive?

Earthquakes, fires, tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis do not care about your religion, ethnicity, politics, sexual preferences or your financial standing. We are like tiny, little ants in the face of what nature can bring. We fall through the cracks, we wash out to sea, we are trampled by the footprint of floods, fires, and earth-shaking fury. Was what we were fighting about before the earthquake so important? Or, is it more important to work together to save each other before the next natural disaster? And, here’s an idea – why not take all the energy we use to fight each other and invest it in finding a cure for what ails us? I predict heroic results.

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The Blocked to Block-Buster Tip Sheet is dedicated to helping you bust through the blocks in your life so you can get what you want.

Today we’re going to explore blocks and seven ways to bust them out of your life.

First, What is a Block?

A block is any thought or emotion that is STUCK in your brain and that pops up sub-consciously to stop you in your tracks. Most often you are unaware of the block. It usually represents a disappointment, a broken heart experience, a loss, a failure – some experience that you decided to bury and perhaps deal with at a later date.

Blocks keep you from getting what you want out of life. Blocks keep you stuck in habits, patterns, routines and behaviors that are not working for you. These are the elusive things that you would like to change about yourself if you could just define it, find it, get your hands around it, understand it, express it. You can be blocked personally or blocked as an organization or a business.

Find Your Block

Here are some examples of blocks:

  • You can’t seem to finish anything. You have a ton of wonderful ideas, but none of them completely come to fruition. I call it chain-doubting – whether it’s too expensive, too complicated, too time-consuming, or too whatever, you just can’t get it done.
  • You always seem to be lacking the one thing you need to get what you want – whether it’s more information, more money, more luck, more help, more time – there’s always something missing. Everybody else has it, but not you.
  • You are always stuck waiting for something to happen before you take action. If __________ happens then I’ll do it. If I lose weight, then I’ll look for a job. If my prince comes then I’ll find love. If my break comes, then I’ll succeed.
  • You feel like no one believes in you. You live in the past, completely cut off from your future. You might say things like, “I’ve failed before, why should this be any different? Who do I think I am? Your self-confidence and joy for life are at an all time low.
  • You feel like you’re an imposter – that you’re fooling people for a short time, but you will be caught. Someone will find you out and stop you. They will lower the boom or the ceiling on your life.
  • You are absolutely sure that everyone else has the power. They make the decisions and pull the strings. You are just a pawn, a helpless and hopeless victim when it comes to bucking the system or even just breaking through.
  • You’re afraid to go after your dream, leave your job, believe in yourself or go after what you really love. When it gets right down to it – you’re afraid to love.


1)  FIND THEM.You can’t bust through the blocks unless you know what they are. When you feel stuck, ask yourself, “What do I think is blocking me?”

2)  INDULGE IN SOME CHAIN-COMPLAINING. Once you have found your, try to identify who taught you to feel or act that way then, let yourself complain a bit. Feel it, write about it, shout it out and… 

3)  LET IT GO! When the tirade is done, let it go. Once you’ve identified the perpetrators of your block and your chain complainin’ is done, you can give it back to them, and move on to the final step which is one of empowerment. Write down the opposite of the doubting statements in your mind.


Make a new list or script:

I am talented enough…
I can do this.
I won’t fall into your belief system.

5)  BREATHE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE BLOCK The very act of breathing, getting rid of the old to make room for the new, is actually a metaphor for what you need to do to free yourself from any block. You need to breathe out the old, foul thinking, doubts and saboteurs that have your brain locked in blank mode, and breathe in new creative thoughts and inspirations. You want to breathe out the garbage and breathe in the muse.

6)  MEDITATE YOUR WAY OUT OF BLOCKS. When we are blocked, we must take our intense concentration off of that which is blocking us and put it somewhere else. Sit on the floor or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for about 30 seconds. Ask yourself these questions – “What do I need to do to find and release this block? What is my body trying to tell me?" Then, listen for 20 minutes. Let the thoughts come and go through your brain. Do not act or react. When the 20 minutes is up, slowly open your eyes and you will most likely have the answers you seek, or you will be given the answers sometime within the day.

7)  Find Your Villains. The next issues will give an overview of the 7 Success-Defying Villains.

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