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It’s Halloween, and as I pass by the scrumptious tray of goodies I have selected for the trick or treaters tonight, it’s all I can do not to eat another tempting chocolate? Not just any chocolate, by the way, but the Nestle CRUNCH, my favorite because it combines sweet and salty. Oh, yum! So, where did I get that craving I asked, causing me to remember a quiz from my book that I thought you might like to take today.

Here’s a little Childhood Eating Pattern Brain Tingler quiz. Answer the questions and you may find some reasons why you eat the way you do. When you go on automatic pilot and make an unhealthy food choice, chances are you are visiting some part of your past. The BlockBuster here is to pay attention to what you put in your mouth and to why you are making the choice.
1) What were your favorite childhood foods? Do you ever eat them now?
2) What foods did you absolutely hate? Were you forced to eat them anyway?
3) Were you punished if you didn’t eat right?
4) What was explained to you as the “right way to eat”?
5) Did you talk about nutrition? Did you know about balanced meals and food groups, and if so did you eat accordingly?
6) Where did you eat most of your meals?
7) Were meals served at regular times? Did your family often eat together? How did you feel about mealtimes in your home?
8) Were there any rituals built around mealtime?
9) How do your eating patterns differ from your parents? Your grandparents?
10) Do your comfort foods have anything to do with your childhood favorites?
Make sure your cravings are due to nourishment not emotional triggers and your health and figure will thank you.

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