JPH Intro: So often we perceive that our Dads just didn’t give us enough love, weren’t proud of us, didn’t support us and were instead, tough, unloving, critical and impossible to please, thus leaving room for the saboteur villain to move into our minds and fill them with self-sabotaging behavior. The saboteur plants doubts and questions in your mind. The saboteur is the ultimate terrorist, putting into question all that you stand for. Saboteurs are particularly successful when their victim has not learned whom or how to trust. Ultimately, to defeat the Saboteur, we must learn to trust ourselves. That allows other relationships to be viewed from a new perspective. The Saboteur runs rampant between Dads and their kids in A Good Day to Die Hard.

Cindy Baker Gilbert

How difficult is it to be the only son of Bruce Willis’ John McClane? Any issues with measuring up might be at the forefront of every thought, word and deed, or as we see in A Good Day To Die Hard, Jai Courtney’s Jack McCLane has dealt with his daddy issues by disappearing to the other side of the world as a CIA operative in Russia and seems to be doing very well. But wait, an unexpected visit from his estranged father throws CIA agent Jack into emotional turmoil to the extent he blows an important mission. Now that’s the power of the SABOTEUR VILLAIN. Amidst the mayhem of recovering from the botched mission he manages to remind his father that as a father he was never there for him.

The daughter of the assumed political prisoner that Jack is sent to free is pressed by this very villain to double cross her own father as she helps capture and deliver him to his enemy. She punches it right on the nose when she chides him for his absence while in prison all those years. These fathers seem to get a bad rap, but when John and Jack McCLane witness the betrayal of their political prisoner by his daughter, they are able to salvage the shred of relationship that still exists between them. By joining forces the son saves dad yet relinquishes his stubborn autonomy by announcing at one point he’s all out of ideas. Of course, John gets to return the favor and save his son and the mission. The SABOTEUR VILLAIN gone, father and son return home as a family they never were.

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