A Commercial That Deserves
to be Reviewed and Revered


Recently I sat in my car watching the light countdown to green, when I noticed a little, old lady half way across the intersection, clearly unable to make it to the other side before the light changed. She was also loaded down with several packages in a roller basket.

I thought, I have got to do something, or she could be hurt. At that moment a man in a truck on the other side of the street, pulled up to block the intersection and ran to help the lady. He picked up her bag and held on to her arm to guide her to safety.

OK, this didn’t happen to me. It’s a TV commercial for DIGNITY HEALTH, and their tag line is “Hello Human Kindness.”

I am giving them a shout out for an advertising message that makes us think about slowing down and incorporating kindness into our lives. Imagine if our healthcare system was based on Human kindness delivered with Dignity.

Today, on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills, a dainty woman was struggling to turn her mother’s wheelchair around and get across the intersection. She never would have made it, so I ran over, helped her get the chair turned and pushed with her at a gentle run so we could make it in time. Ah-h-h, I felt better.

Years ago, when my mother first started needing a wheelchair, I was not too good of a pilot. One time walking up to the doors of a department store, I got behind a young man, thinking I could sneak in behind him. He rushed in the store and as the door slammed in our faces, he shrugged sheepishly and kept on going.

As Dignity Health demonstrates, let’s all get off the fast track for a moment and extend an act of human kindness every day. It sure beats sheepish shrugs, angry screams, harassed honking and high blood pressure anxiety.

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