Block: Happiness – would you recognize it if it hit you in the face?
Buster: Wake up with a happy thought and see how long you can keep it going.

How many times a day do you ask, “Am I happy?” “Are you happy?” Did I please you with the job I did?” “What’s it all about…happiness?”

I, like you, work on being happy and making other’s happy. I will share with you the things I know for sure:

1) Most importantly, you must have a purpose. There can be a main purpose, like the Golden Rule accompanied by constantly achieved purposes – graduate from college, marry my soul mate, buy a beautiful house, use my gifts to enrich others’ lives.

2) You also need to know what you think is blocking you from being happy so that you can Bust the Block. What thought or emotion keeps you in a “poor me,” or “almost there,” state of mind. How can you eliminate or rescript that block by taking a positive action that puts you in the driver’s seat to create and hold on to happiness in your life?

3) Realize that your most precious resources are your time, talent and energy. How do you divide those precious resources between the 12 key life areas: Work, Money, Love/Spousal Relationships, Friendships, Community, Environment (home and office), Family of Origin (birth family), Current family, Parenthood, Play, Health, Spiritual/Religion? Just as we’re learning (the hard way) that we cannot squander the resources nature has to give us, we also cannot squander our own resources. Respected and properly balanced, our personal resources can yield a beautiful lifetime.

4) Constantly build and nurture the cultures in which you live and work. Your family, neighborhood, workplace, church, charities, friends – they all have their culture. What do you want to build into the cultures in which you participate? What do you want to add – to be known for?

5) How do you measure up? I know that through the first 17 years of my adult life, when a new man would enter, so would a new me. However, I was giving away my value and sense of self. I had to learn to make sure my actions were based on personal, motivations, not world, social and peer pressure. We all need to choose the yardstick by which our lives will be measured and judged and learn to follow those values and ideals. Call it morality, ethics, kindness, a sense of right and wrong…What behavior enables you to look back on a day and say, “That was well lived.”

We have many interactions in a lifetime, from small to large, but it’s not the size that determines the happiness, it’s each person’s definition of Health-Esteem. What makes you “worth” being healthy – and happy? Answer that, and your happiness decisions will come much more easily.

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