Block: Us vs. Them
Buster: Common Ground and Core Values

A shut down of the Federal Government was barely averted on Friday night, April 8th, and the discourse was painful to watch as it was full of anger, malice, creative use of statistics, untruths, gross exaggerations, bullying and dirty game playing. A recent report by Justin Grimmer of Stanford and Gary King of Harvard found that American senators devote 27% of their press releases to “partisan taunts” rather than substance” In other words, as the New York Times concludes, “we’re being governed by self-absorbed, reckless children.” I, of course, prefer to say we’re being governed by our villains.

Our Saboteur villain threatens worst case scenarios if the other side gets their way. The Saboteur also throws around “inflammatory,” even “explosive words, phrases and threats such as Abortion (pro or con), Government Shut Down, the end of Medicare and Medicaid… all because the “other” side can’t be trusted. Trust is the antidote to this villain.

The Pirate Bandit Villain wants to steal all of the cards. They believe they must win it all, that their side is the only “right” side, that everyone who isn’t on their side is wrong – even evil. Compromise and sharing put the pirate in his place.

The Killer Villain goes for the worst-case scenario, cutting us off from all hope. Fear reigns supreme, for instance, floating the belief that no good can come from President Obama’s Health-Care Program. Kill the Killer by saying “no” to fear and joining the quest to find what will work.

The Mugger/Rapist Villain distorts the truth and attacks you for your core beliefs. Distortion: How could you allow funding for Planned Parenthood when they kill babies? Actuality: The funding for Planned Parenthood was for family planning and NOT abortion at all.

The Lost Love Villain takes away our love of the American Dream as we surely will not be the world leader anymore if (blank) happens. The Terrorists will get us, the wars will be lost, bankruptcy will be just around the corner. Choose love over fear and this villain vaporizes.

The Monster/Force of Nature/Alien Villain is everywhere. The monster is the other party. Refuse to be victimized. Stand up to the other side and observe – they are human beings, too. The only super human power comes in healing our differences.

The Sorceress Villain traps us into inaction behind the word IF. If you add these 34 special interests to the budget then we’ll approve it. If you give me “X” then I’ll give you “Y”. Stay in what is true, what is, and what is present. Don’t wait for “if” or you will miss the ever-evolving solution.

How do we silence these villains? I say Ladies and Gentleman of the Congress, leave your villains and the horses they rode in on outside the saloon and walk in willing to communicate – not fight, not name call, not bully — communicate.

What would happen if every single senator had to answer the hero’s question?
I would do anything to agree upon a sound Federal Budget that curbs government spending and rescues the economy, just don’t ask me to
Because, that’s just not me.

Oh, yes, it needs to be you. We all are going to have to sacrifice what we think we can’t to come together as a healed country. It’s not one side or the other who has to sacrifice, it’s everyone in “our” country looking to find common ground, unity and pride of a citizenry that defines politics not as usual, but as needed.

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  1. Jo says:

    Amen! Sorry you’re not in Congress with me.

  2. Larry Moore says:

    You go girl! Speak the truth.

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