This is Part 10 of a continuing series by Cindy Baker Gilbert

Connecting the dots of my previous accomplishments limits my job opportunities to a handful of high net-worth individuals with office building investments to lease, equine ranches to run, business offices to manage, marketing materials to be designed and produced, social events to be hosted and international travel itineraries to be booked. If they need professional notes on their screenplays or a review of their warehouse shipping department, these also come under my sphere of experience.

But, if I connect the skill set dots, I open myself to a world of possibilities. The secret to connecting these dots, meant to lead to my new and heretofore unimagined job, hinge on the successful assessment of my skill set. I may have missed a few of the obvious, but here’s my first go at it: good social interaction at all levels, diplomatic, hard-working and tenacious, thrives in an exciting environment, extremely confidential, good communicator and facilitator, excellent writing skills, collaborative team player, and self-motivated. Add to that my interest in screenwriting, film and reality TV.

No longer am I limited by a particular field of endeavor. My strong set of business and interpersonal abilities translate into many environments. This puts the value back on me and not on specific things I have done in the past. My future employer will pay for my time, my creative mind and my set of skills.

No wonder the previous interviews failed spectacularly. When I sell myself short, I diminish my worth in the eyes of others. I must first believe in me.

It’s a slightly different way of looking at the situation. Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment in one’s thinking to notice a new path, or get excited about a new idea. Let’s see where focusing on my accumulation of skills and interests takes me.

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