Blocked In My Job Search By The Bandit Villain


The longer I am unemployed the better bad money sounds. This curious statement has started me wondering. When I turned down that $10 an hour, 6 days a week job on the ranch I never dreamed I would entertain working in a flour and corn mill for $9 an hour, 5 days a week. This was not some boring desk job but a fast-paced assembly line packaging gig where I wear steel toed boots, khaki pants and a company shirt with a hair net and goggles.

“Why are you so eager to go in this direction,” my husband demands. “Get excited about the big paying jobs and go find those.” Okay, let me run right out and do that. I have waded through the spam jobs online, hit up my friends, called previous employers, cold called companies and signed up with the agencies they use after submitting myself to their battery of tests, Microsoft Word and Excel being the gate-keepers for all positions whether they are needed or not.

My husband could not believe I even attempted to take those tests. “You are technically challenged and got lucky when you found work at an internet company who had gurus fixing IT problems all day. Okay, maybe I should remove Word, Excel and Quickbooks from my resume. “Who told you to put those on?” he asks continuing with, “You are a very good facilitator, a great communicator and have very nice social skills. But you will never, ever be expert at computers and software.”

It seems my version of who and what I am is not the same as how my husband sees me, or any where near close to reality for that matter.

Maybe that’s why it’s not working. Apparently the jobs I‘m not getting are not only the jobs I don’t really want, but also the ones that I can’t really do. Yes, that used to be me with the mad office skills, but not so much any more. Who is this person holding on yet dying to let go of the old skills and ways?

I point my finger at the BANDIT VILLAIN, the voice in my head that tells me to embellish every skill and every job experience, because otherwise someone else will be more qualified, look better, have all the luck and get that job. My fear of “not being enough” keeps me trapped in the same old story, thus setting myself up for the same old results. So, it’s not that I seek out these low paying jobs, it’s that they represent a totally new direction. Maybe not the ultimate path but a new one and that gets me excited.

Editor’s note: Besides the Pirate/Bandit Villain nagging at Cindy with his “You’re not enough” refrain, she is also being hounded by the Killer Villain who keeps you stuck in the past, thereby rendering you ineffective in the present. You can’t move forward when you’re stuck on an old version of yourself. When the Killer is your villain look at what needs to die in your life: Say good-bye to dead end jobs, lost loves, inherited prejudices, false lessons, dreams you replaced long ago and allow yourself a Life Attitude Makeover. New answers and opportunities will follow.

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  1. Julee Starkey says:

    What a timely message- you couldn’t have planned it better! This evening I found myself feeling really discouraged and depressed, thinking about the length of time that I have been “looking for a job”, trying every thing, applying for anything and everything – all to no avail. I am starting to believe that I really AM not good enough – I don’t seem to have what people are looking for – or I blow it in an interview – or I am always under-qualified or over-qualified. I have also resorted to applying for jobs that are actually “below” me – but even that isn’t working. I have also tried applying for positions in a completely different field – one which I have lots of volunteer experience in, but no paid experience. I would love to transition into a different career – but no one seems to want to allow me to!

    • Judith Parker Harris says:

      Hi Julee,

      I’m so happy this was helpful. For some more tips on the villains, I encourage you to download my free ebook, http://www.BustLifeBlocks.com and for more information on what to do during difficult transitions, follow my blog. In the meantime, rewrite your script. Sit down and write the “Wah-wah I can’t do it rant” and get all those doubting thoughts out of your head. Then write the “I can” script. Think about presenting yourself differently when you go for a job. You’ve got to STAND OUT. Make a list of What you are great at, things you love to do, things you like to do, and other things you are really good at. Always present yourself as the solution to the problem your potential employer is having. The sooner you make their load lighter, the sooner you will be gaining altitude on your job search.
      Good luck, Judith

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