A new year calls for new ways of getting what I want. My “do whatever it takes” job here in the warehouse world of north Texas is not why I went to grad school, but the idea of interviewing for a job in Los Angeles while still in Texas doesn’t reconcile logistically. With hundreds of applicants for every job post on the internet, I’ve decided to propose a job to someone who doesn’t yet know they need me.

Here’s what I mean. Take a conference retreat center in the Malibu hills where I personally know the woman in charge of the horses at the center. She conducts her own horseback riding business as well as provides riding opportunities to the groups attending events at the venue. I proposed that I live in one of the small houses on the property in exchange for marketing the center’s services, increasing her horseback riding business, and help her prepare the horses for the kids’ summer camps. With my BFA and MFA in writing, I would host workshops and extended classes for the adults and for the kids. That sounds like a lot for one tiny place to live. I explained this abundance of services in no way negates my value nor my abilities. I simply want to be back in Los Angeles.

We could set a specific move-in and move-out date, based upon a pre-set criteria for evaluating my success in all areas. If I do as great a job as I know I will, they can offer an employment contract. If they are not pleased with the results, I have taken my off-hours to set up my new life.

My friend said she would present this to the Center, but it was not up to her. She said she would do what she could and would love to have me up there with her. Two weeks have gone by. I’ll give them another two weeks to figure out what an amazing opportunity this is. Fingers crossed.

JPH Note: Now that’s what I’m talking about. Cindy has taken her focus off despair, off the past and off of a fantasy future. She’s focused on creating a job that matches her skills while simultaneously fulfilling more than one of her goals. Step by step, should the job be hers, Cindy will prove herself essential to her next employer.

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