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There are 237 pages and 31 illustrated chapters in my workbook, full of interactive experiments, all presented and tested by myself and my healing partners, Tobes Reisel a development consultant, Elizabeth Harlow a body therapist and Nancy LaPidus a chiropractor.

I'd like to give you an exercise/experiment now from Chapter 25 on Breathing. It will help you release negative energy while replacing it with positive thought and action. This technique can also be very effective when combined with meditation

Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality breathing:

These charts were introduced to me by a healer/body worker Elizabeth Harlow when I was feeling shut down by feelings of not being "enough" -- good enough, successful enough, pretty enough... I felt depleted in every way. They are a wonderful tool to use when you're feeling deprived in some way, such as through fear, anger, despair, perceived danger or perceived lack of something you want.

  • Find your feeling on the scarcity chart
  • then follow the arrows through the cycle that feeling engenders.
  • Next, find the opposite of the scarcity feeling on the abundance chart and follow it through to see how the positive cycle filled with love changes your perspective. Again follow the cycle through.
  • Take in the feelings abundance engenders.

Enforce this exercise with your breath. Breathe out the scarcity feelings from which you want to be freed, and breathe in the abundance feelings. For example: Breathe out fear, breathe in love; Breathe out suffering, breathe in joy; Breathe out "I'm not enough, breathe in, "I am enough."


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