Being Blocked happens for many reasons: You get bad news, you are stuck in your career, relationships seem to fail at the same point over and over again, you are overlooked, underpaid, unappreciated, unloved, unsuccessful – just plain unlucky.
And, imagine what would happen if you have an entire staff, department or management team that is BLOCKED??
Here’s the good news.  You can turn those blocks into BLOCKBUSTERS and get rid of the UN’S as you become A PLUS in all areas of your life or business.
We all know what a BlockBuster is – a hit, a smash, a multi-million dollar success, a giant WIN at the box office and an irresistible DRAW for the people/market you seek.

Going from Blocked to BlockBuster gets People Projects, Groups and Companies UNSTUCK!

Judith Parker Harris has gone from Blocked to BlockBuster at least 20 times in her life, and she can help you do the same.  She’s got it down to a 5-step process you’ll use for the rest of your life.


Here are a few of her Blocked To Blockbuster transformations:

  • She went from escaping a bad childhood in front of the TV to Producing 3,000 TV commercials, TV shows and now feature films.
  • She went from receptionist to Vice President of a Public Relations firm in 3 months.
  • She started an advertising agency with $800 in the bank and one year later was billing $800,000 in client fees.
  • She evolved from a diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and a possible life in a wheelchair to symptom free of MS for 20+ years, author of 3 books, owner of a new business, community leader and wife to her soul mate.

Get Started by Answering Two Questions

1) What do you most want to accomplish in your life or business right now?

2) What do you think is blocking you?


“stuck in hidden and suppressed habits,
patterns and routines that surface unexpectedly
to sabotage your success in business, health,
relationships and life”
“breaking free of thoughts
and emotions that fuel suppressed habits,
patterns and routines”

What can I expect?

With Judith’s guidance, you’ll find the story (script) that’s blocking your success and write a new script that will deliver what you want every time. Judith’s typical clients are individuals and companies who want to change, overcome obstacles, grow, connect and communicate better in their diverse worlds.

With enthusiasm, humor, a wealth of easy-to-use tips and a fail-safe process, Judith uncovers what’s holding you back, introduces strategies to defeat seven communication and connection villains, and provides insightful information that can easily be implemented in your everyday business and personal lives.

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